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          Key Disciplines

          NUIST has a complete higher education system with undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral programs as well as post-doctoral research centers. The four disciplines of Geo-science, Engineering, Computer Science and Environmental Science and Ecology have entered top 1% ESI international discipline rankings. The discipline of Atmospheric Science ranks No. 1 in the national discipline evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education of China successively and enjoys a distinguished reputation throughout the world. In recent years, on the basis of advantageous subjects, NUIST has established a harmonious discipline system of atmospheric science, marine science, information science, environmental science, management and basic science.

          Characteristic Discipline

          The discipline of Atmospheric Science of NUIST was established in 1960 for the demand of meteorology cause of New China. It enrolled postgraduate students in 1978 and in 1981, it was approved to confer the first batch of master's degrees. In 1993, it was approved to confer doctoral degree. In 1999, a postdoctoral research center was established in the high-level discipline of Atmospheric Science. In 1988, the sub-discipline of Meteorology and Climatology under the discipline of Atmospheric Science was also designated as a key discipline by China Meteorological Administration. Meteorology was designated as a national key discipline in 2001. In 2006, it passed the National Key Discipline Assessment of the Tenth Five-Year Plan and was granted National Key Discipline of the 11thFive-Year Plan in 2007. In 2012, the discipline of Atmospheric Science ranked No. 1 in the third round of university discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education of China. In 2017, the discipline of Atmospheric Science became a "Double First-class" construction discipline, and won the "A+" grade in the fourth round of university discipline evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education.

          At present, NUIST has 6 doctoral programs, namely, Atmospheric Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Mathematics and History of Science and Technology. Besides, there are 22 master programs and 13 professional master programs.  

          Top 1% ESI Rankings Disciplines



          Computer Science

          Environmental Science and Ecology

          Other Disciplines in NUIST



          Media and Art


          Digital Media Art

          Digital Media ArtSino-foreign cooperative programme

          Art and Technology

          Atmospheric Sciences

          Atmospheric Science

          Atmospheric Physics

          Safety Engineering

          Atmospheric Science(Sounding   Direction)

          Atmospheric Science( Physics   Direction)

          Geographic and Remote Sensing

          Surveying and Mapping Engineering

          Remote Sensing Science and Technology

          Electronic and Information Engineering

          Electronic Science and Technology

          Electronic Information Engineering

          Communication Engineering

          Information Engineering

          Information Technology

          Marine Science

          Marine Technology

          Marine Science

          Environmental Science and Engineering

          Atmospheric Science(Environment   Direction)

          Environmental Engineering

          Environmental Science

          Applied Chemistry

          Water Supply andDrainageScience & Engineering

          Environmental Science and   Engineering

          Computer and Software

          Computer Science and Technology

          Computer Science and TechnologyEmbedded System

          Software Engineering

          Software Engineering(Embedded   System)

          Software Engineering(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Natural Geography and Resources Environment

          Internet of Items Engineering

          Internet of Items Engineering(Embedded   System)

          Information Safety

          Computer science

          Computer Science Software   Engineering(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Reading Academy

          Atmospheric Science(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          International Economics and Trade(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Environmental Engineering(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Mathematics and Applied Mathematics(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Applied Chemistry(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Jurisprudence(Sino-foreign cooperative programme)

          Mathematics and Statistics

          Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

          Information and Computing Science

          Applied Statistics

          Information and Computing Science(Embedded   System)

          Hydrological Meteorology

          Atmospheric Science( Hydrologic   Direction)

          Hydrology and Water Resources   Engineering

          Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

          Material Physics

          Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering


          Applied Physics


          Instruments Science and Technology

          Electrical Engineering and Automation

          Measurement and Control Technology   and Instrumentation

          Measurement and Control   Technology and InstrumentationEmbedded   System

          Robotics Engineering


          Applied Meteorology

          Agricultural Resources and Environment


          Applied Meteorology

          Applied Meteorology( Public Meteorology Service   Direction)

          Liberal Arts


          Chinese for Foreigners

          Chinese Literature



          Changwan Institute

          Geographic Information Science(Joint education programme)

          Information Technology(Joint education programme)

          Environmental Science and Engineering(Joint education programme)

          Agricultural Resources and   Environment(Joint education programme)

          Human geography urban and rural   planning(Joint education programme)

          Ecology(Joint education programme)

          Remote Sensing Science &   Technology(Joint education programme)

          Physical Geography and Resource   Environment(Joint education programme)

          Longshan Institute

          Atmospheric Sciences


          Law and Politics


          Public Administration

          Administrative Management

          Management   Engineering

          Financial Engineering

          Logistics Management

          Information Management and   Information System

          Information Management and   Information SystemEmbedded   System


          Finance Management

          Business Administration

          International Economics and   Trade


          Human Resource Management

          Marketing Management

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